Thriving at the intersection of community development, clean energy finance, and climate impact, our team is focused on aligning investment capital with organizations, projects, and community initiatives in traditionally underserved markets.

Led by an experienced team that successfully deployed more than $1 billion through their collective work at the Connecticut Green Bank, Inclusive Prosperity Capital (IPC) knows that the financing challenge facing our communities is not a lack of capital; it’s matching capital supply with project demand.

IPC recognizes that investors want to participate in these markets, but they need a specialty financing intermediary that can structure potentially attractive opportunities and make them financeable:

> For lenders looking to securely deploy debt capital, IPC’s leadership has a solid track record of asset-backed lending and repayment,

> IPC provides unique opportunities for institutions looking to innovate with respect to their Community Reinvestment Act obligations, as well;

> For equity investors, IPC is opening up new “equity equivalent” pathways to allow mission-aligned partners to maximize their impact while still earning an appropriate risk-adjusted return; and

> For tax credit investors, IPC is continuing the Green Bank’s tradition of sponsoring commercial-scale solar projects that can take advantage of the Investment Tax Credit and deliver those benefits to our investment partners.

Fund Level Investment Options:

Instruments: debt and equity

Collateral: secured and unsecured

Recourse: full and non-recourse

Structured/Project Level Options:

Warehouse financing

Tax equity placement

Direct investment

Types of Projects Financed:

Low-to-moderate income residential solar

Multifamily housing and nonprofits (development & retrofits)

Solar for C&I, community assets, and nonprofits

Hydro (small scale)

Fuel cells

Anaerobic digestion

> Community solar

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