Multifamily Housing


Our goal is simple – lower barriers to energy improvements by making the financing of green energy upgrades easy and affordable. We offer financing solutions at every step of the process – from planning to installation to performance monitoring. 

Energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades help owners improve their properties and reduce operating costs. Tenants benefit from increased comfort and a healthier living environment.  From saving money to saving the environment, the benefits of energy efficient buildings are clear. 

Catalyst Construction and Term Loan 

Catalyst finances energy and resiliency improvements in affordable and market-rate multifamily properties. It provides construction and term financing to upgrade buildings, implement health and safety measures, save money, and comply with local building performance requirements. With alternatively secured financing, Catalyst can be used with existing mortgages and other financing that has restrictions on adding new debt. Catalyst Loans can also bridge utility rebates and other incentives, including from the federal Inflation Reduction Act. 

Catalyst Loans can be repaid partially, and in some cases fully, from energy and operating cost savings that result from the improvements. 

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Navigator Pre-Development Loan 

Navigator finances eligible pre-development work, such as engineering studies and integrated physical needs assessments, to achieve green, high-performing, resilient buildings.  Navigator can be used for new construction and existing affordable and market-rate multifamily properties.  With a progressive interest rate structure, this flexible loan incentivizes the design of high-performance buildings and affordable housing. 

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Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) 

IPC’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) focuses on traditionally underserved building types (unrated credits including affordable housing, nonprofits, municipalities, schools, rural cooperatives, and tribal lands). This turnkey, no-money-down solution provides owners with cost savings on “day one” and peace of mind, knowing an experienced and mission-aligned third-party owns and operates the solar PV system to maximize performance and benefits. 

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Community Solar 

IPC provides third-party ownership or debt capital to community solar projects that are breaking new ground. Whether a project is serving community residents directly or community-based institutions in underinvested neighborhoods, IPC is open to underwriting a variety of different approaches and being creative in how solutions are structured. 

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