Navigator Pre-Development Loan


The Navigator Loan finances pre-development work necessary to achieve green, high-performing, resilient buildings. Navigator provides funding to assess, design, and scope energy and resiliency upgrades in affordable and market-rate multifamily housing and in nonprofit and municipal owned buildings.   

Navigator can be used for new construction and existing buildings.  With a progressive interest rate structure, this flexible loan incentivizes the design of high-performance buildings and affordable housing. 


Who is eligible?  

Affordable and market-rate residential properties with five or more units  

Co-ops, condominiums, rental properties, and affordable housing, including mixed use properties 

Buildings owned by nonprofits and municipalities, including community centers and houses of worship 


What are eligible uses?  

For projects targeting high-performance building standards, like Passive House, all pre-development costs are eligible, including legal, environmental, and permit fees. 

For projects seeking to assess, design, and plan their approach, the following pre-development costs are eligible: 

  • Energy benchmarking, opportunity assessments, and audits 
  • Green/integrated physical needs assessments 
  • Green charettes 
  • Assessments of energy-related health and safety and resiliency issues 
  • Design, engineering, and bidding work
  • Costs to secure project financing for the improvements
  • Other reasonable expenses needed to get your energy project designed and funded

Financing terms*  

Rates: As low as 5.50% based on property affordability and green building design goals 

Loan term: due in 24 months or upon project financing  

Fee: 2% closing fee, which may be financed into the loan 

*Terms and rates subject to change 


More details here: 

> Navigator Fact Sheet  

> Navigator FAQ  

> Navigator Term Sheet 


Start the application here: 

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