The Smart-E Loan program is powered by NGEN, the easy-to-use online workflow platform designed to streamline and create transparency during the application process. NGEN provides a secure, online project management tool making it the best choice for lenders, contractors, and energy program providers.

What is NGEN?

Born out of the years of experience running single family clean energy loan programs in Michigan and Connecticut, with support from the Hewlett Foundation, NGEN is the online project management tool for the Smart-E Loan platform.  NGEN provides instant project information at your fingertips.
Stay up to date on every aspect of the process. Provide updates to clientele as soon as they happen.

Why Lenders Should Use NGEN?

NGEN allows lenders to track every step of the Smart-E loan process from contractor approvals, technical scope of work approvals, and loan disbursements. With easy-to-use online forms and communication features, lenders can keep borrowers up to date on the status of their loan.

Why Contractors Should Use NGEN?

NGEN provides instant information at your fingertips. As an approved contractor you can stay up to date on every aspect of the process. Provide updates to clientele as soon as they happen, upload project contracts, invoices and track payments for each project.
NGEN Features
> Collect insurance, license and compliance documentation via the platform
> Secure reporting for monthly lender data
> Separate lender and contractor permissions
NGEN gives Organizations the power to manage 
> Contractor networks
> Loan and job workflows
> Loan disbursements
> Quality assurance
NGEN displays Data and Impact Reporting 
> Monthly loans
> Policy impacts
> Contractor jobs
> Track Customer reviews

For more information or a demo of the NGEN platform, please contact us.