Vijay Dora

Accounting Manager

An Accounting Professional with extensive experience in budgeting, internal auditing, supervision of A/R, A/P, Payroll, General Ledger Accounting in the State Agency – State of Connecticut, Utility Company, and Insurance Agency. Considerable knowledge of cost accounting, governmental accounting and general accounting. Vijay started his career as a Senior Accountant at Insurance Agency for 8 years and worked at Connecticut Natural Gas for 1 year. He also has experience at State of Connecticut for 28 years as an Accounting Supervisor and recently worked at Stone Academy as Director of Finance before joining IPC.

At IPC as an Accounting Manager are as follows.

Leading the daily operations of the accounting department in support of the company’s various financial programs and products while serving as a training leader for current and new staff.

Preparing and managing the closing and preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements as well as related schedules of over 40 subsidiaries.

Managing and ensuring the accuracy of all components of the company’s financial ledger entries, reports, audits, and the audits of its subsidiaries, and tax equity partnerships.

Coordinating with outside tax preparers to ensure the accurate filing of not-for-profit IRS Form 990 and for-profit subsidiary tax returns.

Leading and completing the regular filing of sales tax and property tax returns with various jurisdictions.

Maintaining financial security by following and enforcing internal controls.


When not at work Vijay loves to travel within the US and abroad. Traveling abroad has taught him to respect other cultures, religions, economies, social norms and above all, food. Visiting and touring many countries has taught Vijay to appreciate the US even more for all our advantages and opportunities in this beautiful country. His favorite hobby is walking or hiking, and he try to complete at least 8,000 -10,000 steps a day. He love to read various articles on health, fashion, information technology, and business. During Pandemic, Vijay taught himself cooking following tips from social media.