Smart-E Loan Program

A unique, proven loan product that makes clean energy home improvements more accessible to homeowners than ever before – including low-income and credit-challenged borrowers. The Smart-E Loan platform includes a standardized product offered through a network of local Lenders and vetted Contractors to make it even easier. This loan finances over 40 eligible green energy home improvement projects, making it ideal for campaigns focused on going solar, strategic electrification, weatherization, and resiliency.

The Smart-E Loan program is powered by NGEN, the easy-to-use online workflow platform designed to streamline and create transparency during the application process. NGEN provides a secure, online project management tool making it the best choice for lenders, contractors, and energy program providers.

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Adding the Smart-E Loan product to your portfolio allows lenders to offer potential borrowers the ability to make home energy improvements. Smart-E Loans offer no money down, low-interest financing with flexible terms. Almost any home improvement project that reduces energy costs, generates clean energy or supports resiliency qualifies. This product was tailor made for mission-oriented consumer lenders including credit unions, CDFIs and community banks.

Why Choose Smart-E as Your Next Portfolio Product?

  • Access to a new high-potential market for clean energy and high quality customers

  • Sophisticated credit enhancement

  • Significant value to customers

Loan Size & Qualifications

  • Loans of $500 – $50,000

  • 1 – 4 unit, owner-occupied residential properties

  • Flexible scores accepted


Financing Terms

Loan Terms* 5 years 7 years 10 years 12 – 20 years
APR** 6.49% 6.99% 6.99% 7.49%

Additional loan terms and rates available. Lender participation may vary.


Product Benefits to your Borrowers

  • Easy customer application through local lenders

  • Unsecured personal loan below market rate

  • No application fee or pre-payment penalty

  • No down payment required

  • 40+ qualifying green energy measures installed by vetted contractors

Program Benefits Beyond the Portfolio

Leverage the years of experience Connecticut and Michigan have in running these programs at scale:

  • Offer a best-in-class product at a fraction of the cost

  • Speed to market – we’ve solved the hard problems

  • Deep library of marketing materials and outreach strategies

  • Address low-to-moderate income and credit-challenged homeowners alongside mainstream homeowners

  • Ensure a strong consumer protection orientation with a not-for-profit, mission-driven platform partner


Portfolio Risk

Proven low risk investment with less than 0.06% default rate coupled with a sophisticated credit enhancement structured as a 2nd loss reserve

  • Lenders are in the business of lending, so we ask them to only take the first 1.5% of portfolio losses, and we step in after that.

  • 100% of the loss can be reclaimed, up to a maximum value.


Over 1000 contractors in 3 states from a wide range of trades are using Smart-E to grow their business. Contractors appreciate that Smart-E provides:

  • Relationship with trusted local lenders

  • Flexible, affordable financing with generous underwriting criteria

  • Easy application process

  • Low (or no) dealer

  • Built in working capital

  • Ability to promote “vetted” contractor status

Energy Program Providers

State, regional and local energy program providers need proven and cost-effective financing approaches to ensure their energy policy goals are met. Smart-E leverages your local lenders and quality contractors to bring a financing program to market that will have deep impact in your communities. The Smart-E Loan platform:

  • Creates local jobs via contractors

  • Implements of a wide range of energy policies

  • Leverages public funds with significant multiples of private capital

  • Gives you access a passionate, experienced team who understand how to motivate contractors, lenders, and homeowners to make energy programs impactful


Additional documents

Smart-E Fact Sheet

*Financing terms and rates may change as lenders deem suitable the APR listed represents maximum values. Rates subject to change. Other restrictions may apply.
**APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Please note that the interest rates shown here are available to borrowers with a satisfactory credit history. Subject to other terms and conditions. Other restrictions may apply.


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